Wake Wood Review

Want to watch a creepy small town cult movie set in Ireland? Then you’re in luck because Wake Wood is perfect for you.

The premise is that a girl is killed in a dog attack. Her parents decide to move to Wake Wood and it’s there that they find out that the town leader can bring the dead back to life. The twist is that the dead can only live for 3 days and then they die again.

But what if the dead realize that they’ve been brought back to life and refuse to die again?

You can see how this becomes a slight problem for everyone involved.

The great thing about Wake Wood is that it doesn’t take 30 minutes to get good or to become violent. Right from the get go you’re thrown into this situation that feels unpleasant. This isn’t a film where you’ll see demonic creatures, but you’ll see people die in gruesome ways. No one is entirely innocent in this film so they all feel like they deserve what is coming to them.

What truly makes this film interesting is the very end. It ends on an idea that would be awesome to see it continued. Who knows if there will ever be a sequel to Wake Wood, but it sure leaves you wanting one.


The best way to describe Wake Wood is to say that it’s similar to the original The Wicker Man except that it’s far more bloody and violent. Wake Wood is a entertaining movie both in its story and its creep factor.

Sadly the DVD of it doesn’t come with many bonus materials. It includes the trailer and Deleted Scenes. I wish there was more that went into talking about how the story was developed.

I still recommend that you go ahead and check this film out.

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