Top 5 Releases for June: Film

It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen. Where we tell you, where to spend your hard earned cash this month! Here are the Top 5 choices for films to see this June!

1) X-Men: First Class (In Theaters Now!) – Having seen the film already I can tell you this, if you need to see anything this month, this is your film. Not only does it do a great job with X-men and servicing some comic fans, but overall the flow and feel of the entire experience makes it a great film. While it’s not perfect and true to the comics, it still is an enjoyable summer film as well as one that if you liked all the original X-men then this is for you. It does a lot of things right, and makes it accesible to those who don’t delve into the world of graphic novels. To me the film trumps all the previous X-Men films, including yes…X2. Please go see it, or else I’ll sick Wolverine on you.

2) Submarine (In Select Theaters Now!) – Who doesn’t love a coming of age story about losing your virginity? We’ve seen them all, American Pie, The Virginity Hit,  and Sex Drive. Now we look to the Brits to show us how it’s properly done. Submarine follows a boy who wants to lose his virginity as well as stop his mother from running off with a new age mystic. Sounds like your classic comedy filled with raunchy humor and perhaps even some visually disgusting gags. This however couldn’t be further from the truth. Judging by the amount of awards it’s one, and the rave reviews it’s received all over the world, it seems this not only steps up the maturity factor but makes it all the more enjoyable too. Not only that but it’s somewhat related in a sense to a lot of Wes Anderson films, and if you are a fan of his work then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this!

3) Super 8 (In Theaters Now!) – Combine E.T., The Goonies, Cloverfield, and the 1950’s era and you have Super 8. A new fantastic film from the mind of J.J. Abrams, who has in the past brought us Star Trek, Lost, and Cloverfield. Super 8, follows a group of kids in 1950’s America attempting to make a monster film on the actual camera called a Super 8. When things go horribly awry on set, and a train derails unleashing a monster on the town who will save them? And what is it exactly doing here? I have yet to see the film, but I have not heard a single negative thing about it. As I’ve stated previous Super 8 looks super spectacular and I can’t wait to go see it!

4) Green Lantern (In Theaters June 17th!) – I’ve grown up on comic books. I loved them all, but honestly I never thought I would see the day of a Green Lantern movie, and yet in just 4 days it will arrive. In case you don’t know about Green Lantern, I’ll run down a history lesson for you. Abin Sur one of the greatest Green Lanterns is attacked to fatal level, he pilots a ship away from the danger and crash lands on Earth, where ace pilot Hal Jordan finds him. The ring then chooses Jordan as a worth successor for his uncanny amount of will. From there you are taken on a whirlwind adventure of Hal Jordan and the corps. The film seems to focus on all that quite a bit with the chance of them leading into a very obvious sequel near the end. Even though I’m hesitant about the CGI the film still looks like a lot of fun, and plus Ryan Reynolds…need I say more?

5) Cars 2 (In Theaters June 24th) – This last weekend I went to The LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival, where I was shown some clips from the new upcoming Pixar film Cars 2. When I first saw the trailers for the film, I’ll admit I was extremely worried. But due to my blind love of Pixar, I couldn’t say it was going to be bad. After seeing the clips from yesterday I no longer have any fear of it. It looks just as I would hope it would with it’s deep spy story line. While of course there are going to be some Mater Moments(mostly juvenile humor) it looks like it’s going to be almost as thrilling as The Incredibles. Here’s hoping that this isn’t Pixar’s first flop!

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