Jimmy Fallon’s New Gig – Event Review

It was a celebration filled with press, nosy tourists, and dancers. A veritable cornicopia of sights and sounds, all set against the backdrop of Universal Studios Hollywood. After nearly a decade with Whoopi Goldberg as the host of the Universal Studios Tram Tour, Jimmy Fallon has stepped into the role with a flourish and a new theme song.

After some opening remarks from both Jimmy and one of Universal’s higher-ups, the event took on a more festive air as Jimmy was handed a guitar. With the aid of the Tram-tastic Dancers, Jimmy Fallon – host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC – busted out his new Studio Tour theme song, “Tram-tastic Day.”

Following the song, Jimmy cut the traditional ribbon with a pair of oversized scissors, then set out to be mobbed by media from all over the world (yes, that’s right, this was actually an internationally covered event!). After being interviewed by the big boys of broadcast media, Fallon took pictures with the Tram-tastic Dancers, then he and they were off to enjoy the first tour with Jimmy as host.

Our tram wasn’t far behind, and we were set to experience the comedic excitement that Fallon would bring to the Universal Studios Tram Tour. As the host of the tour Jimmy did a decent job. The bits he appeared in were gimmicky than laugh-out-loud funny, but there was definitely a huge amount of effort and creativity involved in bringing these segments to life.

Personally, I’m more interested in the movie and TV trivia, the interviews with the directors, and the behind-the-scenes aspects of the tour. These were cool when I took the tour four years ago, and were still insightful and interesting now. Of course, the tour has changed since I took it last, mainly due to the huge fire that torched most of the Universal backlot a few years ago.

The big difference was the new King Kong 360 3D experience, which replaces the old version, which burned down in the fire. It was a lot of fun, with plenty of action on all sides, and definitely worth checking out.

The rest of the tour is what I remember from before, but if you’ve never taken the tour and are planning a trip to L.A., I highly recommend you spend the day at Universal and hop on the tram. It’s a fun experience.

Congratulations, Jimmy Fallon on your new gig as host of the Universal Studios Hollywood Tram Tour. You are now part of the park/studio’s legendary history.

Check out our videos of the event below (I love David’s face in the screen cap of the first vid!)

Go on the tour and tell us what you think! Leave a comment below.

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