Top Five Releases for May: Film

Sorry about skipping last month guys, but lets be honest, no good movies come out in April. ONTO THE BEGINNING OF SUMMER!

1) Thor¬† (In Theaters NOW!) – Who doesn’t love a god who wields a giant lightening hammer? Thor takes to Asgard and to Earth in this super charged blockbuster smash. After being stripped of his powers, Odin casts Thor down to Earth where he will learn what it is to be a true god and eventual King.¬† But all is not well, as soon as Thor is out of the picture Loki decides to do what he does best and cause mischief through his lies. This was an entertaining film to kick off the summer and I really do hope Thor plays a major role as promised during his return during The Avengers film. Check out the trailer below!

2) Hobo With a Shotgun (In Limited Theaters NOW!) -Yes this is really the title of the film. Hobo with A Shotgun is exactly what is promises, a grindhouse style film about a hobo with…you guessed it A SHOTGUN! After starting fresh in a new town Mr. Hobo decides that this town isn’t following what he wants it to be. Full of junkies, whores and crooked cops, he decides the best option available is to dish out his own kind of street justice…WITH A SHOTGUN! I mean yes of course this sounds ridiculous but it’s heavily inspired by old grindhouse films and who doesn’t love those? It opens very limitedly so let’s hope you are in the right place at the right time for this sure to be new cult classic film.

3) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (In Theaters May 20th) – The long awaited next installment in the widely popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is missing two major key points but gains oh so much more. While we now no longer have Will and Elizabeth Turner we get a new and improved Captain Jack Sparrow along with Black Beard, a peglegged Barbosa and mermaids! While they search for the fountain of youth it befalls upon the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow to find where and how to access this wonderful treasure. I’m sure there will be non stop action and wonderful performances abound, but with a new director will this live up to the others? We’ll just have to wait 10 more days to find out!

4) The Hangover Part II (In Theaters May 27th) – Now having seen the original at midnight, owning the film on blu ray, and being able to quote it on a daily basis, it comes as no surprise that I am looking forward to this film like no other. With some wilder stunts and more involved characters this time around it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a copy and paste of the original film. While I’m sure there will be some moments that will be almost ripped from the original, this looks to have enough spice and pizazz to set it apart from it’s predecessor. I cannot wait to see more of Lesley Chow and Alan working together to try and figure out where exactly their newest missing counterpart has gone off to. I will be there at midnight for this one, and I cannot wait.

5) Kung Fu Panda 2 (In Theaters May 27th) – It seems the last three most anticipated films are all sequels, while I am one to always gripe about the lack of originality in the film industry these days I just cannot help but want to see them. Especially Kung Fu Panda 2. While the original did have a very predictable moral to the story, overall it was still a pleasure to watch and I was totally involved with the Furious Five’s exploits. Poh was a fantastic character who was easy to fall in love with, and Dustin Hoffman as Seifu was just fantastic as well. I cannot wait to see what they muster up next in this wonderfully hilarious action packed world and let’s hope this doesn’t follow the same tune as the previous Dreamworks sequels have.