Forget Me Not – Review

If someone asks you “Do you remember me?” you better say yes. Even if you truly don’t. I think it’s understandable for a person to forget someone over the course of time, especially if they were a childhood friend.

That’s the starting point for the horror film Forget Me Not. Imagine getting haunted by this random person that you vaguely remember. Then add on top of that, that your closest friends are being abducted and killed one by one by this random person – plus every time one of them is killed, your other friends forget who that person is and your entire world shifts into an alternate reality. I’m sure if that ever happened to one of you out there it would be a lot to handle. This happens to the protagonist Sandy Channing and she goes from the popular class president, into an insane wreck.

Check out the trailer to Forget Me Not:

Visually speaking, it’s pretty cool how every friend that she ever had gets killed and turned into these ghost-zombie like creatures. The deaths aren’t as satisfying as what I would have liked them to be, nor are the ghosts extremely scary. They tend to be on the creepy side, which holds your interest in wanting to see the next kill.

Forget Me Not is a pretty serious flick. There aren’t too many cheesy laugh out loud moments like in other DVD horror movies. I personally like cheesy moments in horror films if the films aren’t very scary. At least it gives me a reason to rewatch the film with groups of friends.

My biggest complaint though from a story perspective is that the characters are a little bland and at first it’s difficult to tell one character apart from another. Maybe that’s one reason why the kills aren’t that satisfying. There are so many people within the initial group, that keeping track of them all is tough.

Unboxing Forget Me Not DVD:

The DVD does include deleted scenes, alternate ending, photo gallery, and the trailer.

Forget Me Not is an interesting film that has several good elements so I say it’s worth a rental.

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