Moonstruck: Award Series – Blu-ray Review

Before Drive Angry, Season of the Witch, and several other flops, Nicolas Cage amazed audiences and critics with his performance in 1987’s Moonstruck. Along with Cage, Cher also delivered the goods and earned herself an Oscar for Best Actress.

A romantic-comedy centered around Italian families in New York, the film tells the tale of Loretta (Cher) a woman torn between her fiancée Johnny (Danny Aiello) and his brother Ronny (Cage). What follows is a heated and passionate series of events fueled by family, food, and music. It’s a great date movie, and an excellent showcase of award-worthy performances.

Most notable is Olympia Dukakis’s performance as Rose – Loretta’s mother – which earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Along with Cher and Dukakis, the film also earned an Oscar for Best Screenplay – John Patrick Shanley (known to today’s audiences for writing both the play and film of Doubt, starring Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman).

Along with the film, the Blu-ray includes some great special features, which include:

Moonstruck: At the Heart of an Italian Family Documentary (25 minutes)

A look into the world of Italian-American families that includes interviews with married couples (one of them married for 52 years!), clips from the film, and interviews with the filmmakers.

Pastas to Pastries: The Art of Fine Italian Food (30 minutes)

If you’re not hungry before watching this featurette, you will be! Host Mark DeCarlo takes you around New York and shows you some great Italian restaurants and food around Little Italy. Soooo good!

Music of Moonstruck Featurette (6 minutes)

Composer Dick Hyman discusses his involvement with the film.

Audio Commentary Featuring Cher, Director Norman Jewison, and Writer John Patrick Shanley

For a great date night movie that will have you yearning to Italian food long after, check out Moonstruck out NOW on Blu-ray!

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