Last Tango in Paris: Uncut Version – Blu-ray Review

A film that is considered one of the most controversial of all time, Last Tango in Paris is an erotic masterpiece from famed director Bernardo Bertolucci. Why is it so controversial? In a word: sex. In more words: lots and lots of sex.

True, we’re used to seeing gratuitous sex on cable and even on some 10pm network shows, but Last Tango in Paris delivers sex scenes on a much more visceral and intense scale. Probably why it earned itself the infamous NC-17 rating back in 1972.

Marlon Brando plays an American businessman traveling through Paris who meets a young girl (Maria Schneider). They have an instant connection and the fireworks and passion between them is so palpable that prying them apart is out of the question. What’s more, they remain anonymous; never revealing their names or true selves to each other. It’s all about pure, unbridled, passion. And butter.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to make love and use butter, this particular scene would be of interest to you. Is it hot? Is it erotic? Is it gross? You be the judge. Along with butter, Tango includes some very racy and sensual sex scenes that you probably don’t want to watch with grandma around.

But aside from the sex, the film has some very poignant things to say about closure, guilt, death, and fidelity. But I’m sure the explicit sex is more of a draw for most people.

Tango was nominated for two Oscars: Best Actor – Marlon Brando and Best Director – Bernardo Bertolucci. Brando lost to Jack Lemmon for Save the Tiger, and Bertolucci lost to George Roy Hill for The Sting.

My one complaint about this Blu-ray version is the lack of special features. It would have been nice to have a featurette that discussed the importance of the film and the controversy surrounding it. Or even a profile of Brando or Bertolucci. Sadly, none of these are included.

For an intense sexual cinema viewing experience, check out Last Tango in Paris on Blu-ray NOW!

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