Top Five Releases for March: Film

Exploring the realms of aliens, Irishmen, the human mind, more aliens and dragons/soliders/robot samurai, this is the list of the Top 5 releases for March.

1) Battle: Los Angeles: (In Theaters Now!) – Everyone remembers the god awful film Skyline, or maybe you were one of the lucky few who had the opportunity to skip out on it. Ever since that movie was thrown into theaters and almost immediately removed I’ve been itching for a brand spanking new (GOOD) alien film. Enter Battle: Los Angeles. The best way I can describe this film is Black Hawk Down meets District 9 and it’s riddled with those oh so darling war cliches. Aaron Eckheart stars in this potential sleeper hit of the spring, which in case you didn’t know takes place in Los Angeles. It is your A-typical alien film, they invade, they want earth, they kill. One of these days we may actually just say “You know what aliens? Take it, just take it!” But if we did, wonderful popcorn flicks like Battle: Los Angeles wouldn’t exist. This film is also genius in the idea that is completely open to sequels, who doesn’t want to see Battle: Newark, or Battle: Albuquerque? All I know this is well worth the checking out for any war film fan as well as those who enjoy sci-fi. Unleash your inner geeky warrior and go see this film!

2) Kill The Irishman: (In Select Theaters Now!) – Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Kill the Irishman is the classic story of mafia, betrayal and explosions. Kill the Irishman is based on a true story of Danny Greene, a famous loan shark turned self sufficient bad ass, during the big mafia wars in the 1970’s. Sounds like a wicked good time right? What seems to be the most enticing of all things is that this is a true story of the legendary Danny Greene. Most biopic films are about great moments in history whether it be warfare or sports, very rarely do we get the opportunity to see the belly of the underworld in a true telling of the mobster lifestyle, and Kill the Irishman does that and more. Following Danny from the moment he starts his work, to the day he dies, the film is a drag you by the heels through a broken glass warehouse and asphalt factory. In short, a gritty thrill ride. Akin to Boondock Saints, it does seem to get a bit ridiculous in the action parts, but why not embellish the fun. After all the Irish do know how to have a party.

3) Limitless: (In Theaters March 18th,2011) – We’ve all heard that we only use 20% of our brains, so who knows what kind of potential we as humans have. Limitless, starring The Hangover‘s star Bradley Cooper, explores that possibility of unlocking our brains with one simple pill. Hence the title Limitless. The film follows a down and out writer who wants to get more out of life, being tired of a low life loser he decides his best option is drugs. By taking a tablet a day he is bestowed with the super human ability to access theĀ  limitless power of the human mind. He rides the success train for awhile until he begins to question everything, where the drug came from, who these people are who are following him, and so on and so forth. The drug becomes an addiction and he begins to start skipping ahead days not knowing where he may end up. The film seems to be an interesting look into what really 100% capacity could mean for people, while throwing in a thrilling twist. This looks to fill the void for any kind of psychological film this spring and it looks to be a limitless supply of fun at the theater.

4) Paul: (In Theaters March 18th, 2011) – Who doesn’t love aliens? Both British people and of course those of the outer space variety. Meet Paul, an alien picked up by two comic book nerds (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) who are on their way to a comic book convention. The film seems to be following a comedic road trip to get the alien home, of course chased by the government. But what sets this apart from E.T. and other like minded films are those playing the parts. Paul looks to be a very crass but highly hilarious film especially with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Seth Rogen being thrown into the large melting pot. All three bringing in their own bit of comedic genius seems to be making Paul to be one out of this world comedic experience. I know I’ll be roadtripping to the theater to this, will you?

5) Sucker Punch: (In Theaters March 25th, 2011) – If this list was by “What Christian is looking most forward to” instead of theatrically, this would be number one. Zack Snyder, the man who has brought us 300, Watchmen, and Legend of the Guardians, brings us a bit of his own mind at work. While he has adapted all in the past, finally we will get to catch a glimpse of the crazy mind of Mr. Snyder. Sucker Punch follows the life of a young girl wrongly imprisoned in a mental asylum. The trick is she needs to get out, but how? Through her mind. Using that as a mask for what reality could be, she and her group of very sensual sirens blast through the walls of what is real, into a realm of trenches, robot samurai and dragons. That is just a small taste of what the film will be bringing to us. While I doubt it will be on the level of reality questioning films such as The Matrix and Inception, the visual style of Zack Snyder should sell itself in this scenario. The film looks brilliant, looks fun, and I cannot wait to be getting the full IMAX experience. I want Sucker Punch to punch my brain in with sheer awesome, I have no doubt it will accomplish that and more.

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