Conan The Barbarian trailer

This Conan is in 3D, and thank God it’s not being called Conan 3D.

The original Arnold flick is pretty sick. I especially liked how Arnold didn’t talk throughout the film. The sequel was much harder to sit through for a variety of reasons, but one of them was that Arnold spoke in full sentences. I just want a little ‘Argh!’ with my hacking and slashing.

I honestly don’t know which direction this new Conan The Barbarian will take, but he talked in the trailer and I’ll that I’m wishing for is that this is the only line in the movie that he has. Sometimes slicing off someone’s head is more romantic than using words.

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2 thoughts on “Conan The Barbarian trailer”

  1. Arnold didn’t have much dialogue because his Austrian accent made him difficult to understand. Conan, while hardly a chatterbox, was more loquacious in the books, and said more than five words to the heroines of the stories.

    1. Yeah I just think it added more to the character and made the movie interesting to watch with a main character that doesn’t speak much, he just kills and loves. It’s a no nonsense kind of attitude.

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