Joystick-It Review

Need a new way to play games on your iPad?

Joystick-It helps take you back to the good old days of the arcade. So many memories…

It’s really simple to install: Take the Joystick-It out of the box, load your iPad game, find where the d-pad controls are located, plop the Joystick-It onto the iPad’s screen and you’re ready to play!

See how easy is it to setup up the Joystick-It:

The Joystick-It uses a suction cup at the bottom of the joystick to hold itself onto the screen. As it is a stationary device you cannot use the Joystick-It for games that require you to swipe with your fingers. It can only be used to replicate the movement of pushup a d-pad so you can go up, down, left, and right. Clearly this limits the amount of games that you can use with this device.

Here’s a healthy list of games that are compatible with the Joystick-It:
· Pac Man (Make Sure to set control to “Joystick” in game options)
· Edge (Make Sure to set control to Arrows in game option)
· Reckless Racing HD
· iDracula
· Ridge Racer
· ToyShop
· Dig Dug Remix
· Cubed Rally Racer HD
· Space Blast HD
· Galaga Remix
· Babylonian HD
· Monster Dash
· Soosiz HD
· MX Mayhem
· Vector Racing

You can see the Joystick-It in action here:

From time to time you may get a little over excited and push the joystick too hard. If you do this you may pop the joystick off of the screen. You’ll have to learn to control the amount of force that you use with this joystick if you want to master it.

Overall I think the design is great and even with its limited use it’s still a neat gaming accessory to have for your iPad.

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