Rocky & BullWinkle & Friends Complete Series DVD Review

Think you can handle 18 discs of Bull?

The Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends complete series is now available on DVD. For $100 you can own all 163 episodes. You can feel that this edition was really made for the fans of the show. It’s got great box art and packaged in bonuses like a Bullwinkle Fan Club award and booklet that takes you behind the scenes of this show.

You can see what’s included within the box in this video:

All five seasons are included within this bundle. Season 5 has previously never been released on DVD. For everyone who already has seasons 1-4, season 5 is being released in March 2011 on DVD.

The episodes haven’t been cleaned up in any way. They still have a lot of artifacts and noise that we’ve grown accustomed too. I just surprised at how well they look for being cartoons created from 1959 to 1964.

Whether you grew up with this show and want to relive some of your childhood memories, or if you have children and want to show them what your enjoyed as a kid – then I do highly recommend this collection. It’s got an authentic feel that you want to show off to your friends and family.

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