LA Noire – A Glimpse of What’s to Come

The new trailer for Rockstar’s latest title, LA Noire, gives us a glimpse of the new technology they have been raving about

Rockstar Games has been called many things in the past, but more recently the words “game changer” have been thrown around. With their new title, LA Noire, they have taken game graphics to a new level. Rockstar has joined forces with Team Bondi to create some of the most advanced motion capture in game footage we have ever seen.

The way that they achieve such realistic results is to first capture the actor’s body movements with motion capture technology. Then, they send the actor into make up and hair and use scanning technology to get the face and head. They also capture the voice during the scanning process for a more authentic feel to the acting.

The results are almost film-like, but judge for yourselves:

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