Cerberus Network Quieting Down

Fans of the brilliant sci-fi RPG Mass Effect have become much acquainted with Cerberus and their underworld activities. They are the ones responsible for DLC packs like “The Lair of the Shadowbroker” that continue portions of Mass Effect 2’s story. However on January 24th the news feeds on the site will cease to be updated for a time.

Bioware confirmed that after the 24th there will be no more news updates until some time later in the year, around the holiday season. “A week of posts will precede a downloadable content release, and two more weeks will lead up to the release of Mass Effect 3,” Meaning, we will see updates a week ahead of the release of the DLC pack and then 2 weeks ahead of the release of Mass Effect 3. After that there will be no more posts to read up on.

Mass Effect 2 is set to release on the PS3 on the 18th with all current DLC packs for the game packaged onto the disk already. It’s an interesting move having a DLC pack come out so close to the release of the final game but Bioware is known for not being ones to disappoint. You can keep your eyes peeled on the Cerberus website or check back in with us to stay updated.

Source: CVG

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