Tron: Legacy – Soundtrack Review

Awesome pretty much sums up the soundtrack for Tron: Legacy, which is composed and performed by Daft Punk. Each track is filled with frenetic energy that leaps from your speakers and gets your heart pumping, your pulse racing, and your adrenaline flowing.

Daft Punk has done an exceptional job scoring the film. It’s nice to see a film that doesn’t have a traditional score from John Williams, James Horner, James Newton Howard, or Danny Elfman for once. All great composers, but this film was definitely in need of something more.

And that’s exactly what Daft Punk brings to the soundtrack: More. When you see the film you’ll know what I mean. The music adds an extra jolt to the action and delivers plenty of thrills on its own as well. Daft Punk delivers the goods and keeps the movie going; it’s great running music, too!

I highly recommend the Tron: Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk. Buy or download a copy today!

And don’t forget to see Tron: Legacy in theaters December 17, 2010, and check out our ChicksWeLike post featuring Olivia Wilde!

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