Hoarders: Season Two, Part One – DVD Review

Remember when your parents told you your room looked like a pigsty? Well, you should show them an episode of Hoarders as proof that your room really wasn’t that bad. Hoarders is a series that takes a look at people who have a psychological block that prevents them from throwing anything away. As a result their homes become junk piles; rooms and rooms of trash, debris, and, oftentimes, dead pets.

It’s odd to watch someone have a near mental breakdown because their family wants them to get rid of piles of waste. But these folks definitely have a problem that goes above and beyond a quick trip to Dr. Phil or a call to Dr. Laura. We’re talking about people who live in their own waste and even become trapped in their homes due to debris collapsing on them.

Families have been torn apart by their behavior, children removed and kept safely away, and even with the city condemning their homes these people remain steadfast in their determination to remain in their filth-laden homes. But why?

Enter a slew of hoarding experts, psychologists, and others who try to work these individuals through their issues and help them take the first steps toward clean living. Tears roll, fights erupt, and anguish is on full display as these men and women face their biggest fear: the trash can.

It’s an interesting series that makes you wonder who found these people and convinced them to display their lifestyle on TV. You do feel sorry for these folks, but at the same time have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that says: “If they don’t have a problem with it and no one’s being hurt because of it, what’s the big deal?”

While there are episodes that involve kids who are exposed to this lifestyle (not good), and pets who are killed because of it as well (also, not good), most of these folks are happy to live their lives in their homes the way they are until they die and become one with the refuse they surround themselves with.

Part One of Season Two includes seven episodes, some with only one hoarder, others with two. This is definitely a documentary series that will make you want to take a shower after watching it.

Hoarders: Season Two, Part One is available NOW on DVD!

I think I’ll go vacuum.

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