Snakebyte Wii Premium Fitness Board Review

Lets be healthy and find out if the Snakebyte Wii Premium Fitness Board is better than the Nintendo Wii Balance Board.

Design: This board comes in two colors black and white. Considering how dirty a white Wii balance board gets and how much cooler this black version looks, lets just say Snakebyte wins.

Features: Snakebyte’s board includes a scale at the top. This allows you to quickly reference how fat you are. The problem with this feature is that it’s not back-light. I couldn’t see how obese I was without having to bend down and move my head around to try and get the right angle to see the numbers. There are two shiny blue indicator lights on the side of the balance board. They activate when you stand on the board. They really don’t do anything else other than drain your battery. Also the rubber bumps on the side of the unit are very hard unlike the Nintendo balance board. Since two of the main features of the Premium aspect of this Snakebyte board don’t add much value at all, I’d say it’s a tie.

Gameplay: I didn’t notice any differences between the response time of this board and the response of the Nintendo one. It’s a tie.

Overall: Nintendo’s balance board does come bundled with Wii Fit Plus. You’re saving yourself a good chunk of change buy picking that bundle up. If for some reason you need a second Wii balance board, the Snakebyte costs $69.99 so you would be saving money by getting this instead of another Nintendo Wii Balance Board judging by the Nintendo board’s MRSP of $99.

Bottom line is that if you’re a first time balance board user, go ahead and pick up the Nintendo version. Then consider Snakebyte if you want another board.

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