Syfy Digital Press Tour 2010: Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen

Easily one of the most anticipated “panels” of the day was Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen demonstration. For this panel, we left the normal ballroom in which the rest of the panels took place to take seats around a number of large tables throughout a smaller ballroom. At the back of the room a stage with a table and vast array of ingredients was set up. Leading the demonstration was of course, Marcel Vigneron. Marcel is most known for being a contestant on the reality cooking show Top Chef and is going to have his own reality show on the Syfy in 2011.

The show will consist of Marcel and a team of party planners as they are hired by demanding clients to produce and pull off extraordinary events and celebrations. Based on their requests, Marcel will have to dream up a menu for the event and make it as extravagant as possible.

Being that the event took place at Universal Orlando, Marcel decided that he would make an assortment of Harry Potter themed food for us to eat. He first began by creating his own version of a “snitch” which in his case consisted of a ball of cream soda encased in a think substance. The thick substance that surrounded the ball helped to keep it in its spherical shape although once it made contact with my mouth it disintegrated into its tasty liquid form.

Next, Marcel brought out what he called a “dragon egg”, which in his terms meant a hard-boiled egg surrounded with turkey sausage and breading. This was easily the most delicious of the foods that he made and one of the most interesting. The final two that were created were made with liquid nitrogen and consisted of a smoky popcorn mixture and a pumpkin smoothie.

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