10th Anniversary of Shenmue

Are you guys sailors?

Released on November 6, 2000 Shenmue was one of the first Dreamcast games that I ever played. It is the reason why I owned the console.

I can’t believe that it has been 10 years since I began Ryo’s crazy journey of mirrors, and men in black suits.

Shenmue brought a complex story mixed into a real living and breathing world. You explored your town, played in the local arcade, and saved your girlfriend from gang members. Too bad at the end of the game she moved to Canada…

Sadly Sega never completed telling the story to this saga. Shenmue fans around the world continue to hope that one day we’ll be able to relive and continue this journey.

Sega where’s the HD remastered version? Lets go already!

There is a mobile Shenmue themed game coming soon. We can only begin to imagine what exactly it will feature.

In the mean time, dust off those Dreamcasts and play one of the most expensive and cinematic games of all time.

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