The Real National Treasure: An Inside Look at the Library of Congress – DVD Review

Ever wonder what’s inside the Library of Congress? Many people have no idea what treasures this national landmark holds. Not only is it filed with books, but it’s a veritable historical record spanning centuries of people, places, things, and ideas.

Whatever you’re interesting in learning about or discovering, the Library of Congress is the place to explore.

From original documents written by the Founding Fathers to the original film print of Frankenstein, The Library of Congress is filled with information that can help us understand the past, how we arrived at the present, and what we can learn for the future.

It’s a place of knowledge that includes documents and other relics from all over the world, and its vast archives are a testament to its overarching goal: to preserve and protect the past.

This episode of Modern Marvels takes us inside the architecture, history, and various rooms of the building. We get an inside look at how they preserve and maintain artifacts as rare as the money Lincoln had on his person the night he was assassinated. If its part of history, literature, film, music, or photography, The Library of Congress can provide.

Since the dawn of the digital age, The Library of Congress has worked diligently to create digital copies of many of their treasures, which are available online at their website.

Along with the Modern Marvels special, you also get a five-minute intro video about The Library of Congress, The Library of Congress Experience. Both this short video and the main program feature interviews with archivists, historians, and other experts.

For a fascinating look at one of our nations most hallowed buildings of knowledge, I recommend The Real National Treasure: An Inside Look at the Library of Congress.

The Real National Treasure: An Inside Look at the Library of Congress is available NOW on DVD!

Check out the Official Library of Congress website by clicking here!

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