Battle 360: The Complete Series/ Patton 360: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray Reviews

Suit up, strap in, and get ready for an inside look at some of the most intense battles from World War II. The History Channel delivers two great series that are a must-see for anyone interested in military history, strategy, and the men who orchestrated these violent and oftentimes deadly battles.

To give a brief overview of both Battle 360 and Patton 360: both series explore the inner-workings of several wartime events over the course of World War II. We have seen many documentaries, films, and real footage of these events before, but through the use of computer animation both series allow us to go inside, outside, overhead, below, and behind enemy lines as we walk through each moment of these historical battles.

First up, Battle 360 delivers an in-depth look at the major sea conflicts in the Pacific. Ten battles in particular are profiled over the course of the series, each one giving the viewer a closer look at the intricacies and details of each conflict. Along with the CG layouts of each battle, we also get intriguing insights through the aid of historian, author, and military personnel interviews and real wartime footage.

Episodes include: Call to Duty; Vengeance at Midway; Jaws of the Enemy; Bloody Santa Cruz; Enterprise Vs. Japan; The Grey Ghost; Hammer of Hell; D-Day in the Pacific; Battle of Lyte Gulf; and The Empire’s Last Stand.

Next is Patton 360, which explores the battles led by famous wartime leader General George S. Patton. A strong-willed and commanding man, Patton and his troops fought in North Africa, Sicily, and helped to defeat the Nazis in Germany. This first season of the series explores ten of Patton’s campaigns in a whole new light. Again, interviews, computer animation, and real footage help bring focus and perspective to the events as they unfold.

Episodes include: Blood & Guts; Rommel’s Last Stand; Baptism of Blood; Rogue General; American Blitzkrieg; Leading the Charge; On Hitler’s Doorstep; Siege Warfare; Battle of the Bulge; and Crushing the Third Reich.

Educational, dramatic, and fascinating, I recommend both Battle 360 and Patton 360 to anyone interested in exploring the anatomy of military campaigns and strategy during World War II.

Battle 360: The Complete Series and Patton 360: The Complete Season One are available NOW in DVD and Blu-ray!

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