Wii Party Review

Wii Party is one of the first games in a long time to truly require that you have a real-life group of friends around you to play the game.

Wii Party is a selection of 80 mini-games. Of which you’ll be able to play these mini-games by selecting them within the Mini-games menu or playing them within the Party Games, Pair Games, or House Party modes.

Party Games (1-4 players includes computer):
Board Game Island – Imagine a Mii version of Mario Party and this is it. You roll dice and move your character along a board game. Then you play another mini-game.

Globe Trot – This game expands the board game feel to the world. You receive cards that tell you how many spaces to move. Along the way you have to collect the most photos and coins to become the winner.

Swap Meet – You have to find three Mii’s that have the same colored outfit and line them up in a row. That way you’ll earn points. Whomever has the most points wins.

Spin-Off – Spin a wheel and you can either lose, win, or add medals to a bank. The player with the most medals wins.

Bingo – A Mii is randomly dropped into a bowl. If you have that card you have to select it. The player who eliminates their Mii cards first wins.

Pair Games (2 players includes computer):
Friend Connection – Answer questions and about each other to see how well you connect with them

Balance Boat – Try to balance 20 Mii’s onto a boat without it tipping over

Match-Up – Match Mii’s who are wearing the same colored shirts into pairs.

House Party (2-4 players, no computer):
Animal Tracker – Grab the animal that matches the played sound

Hide ‘n’ Hunt – One player hides a Wii-mote while the other three players try to find it. The Wii-mote will play a sound every 10 seconds.

Time Bomb – Players pass a Wii-mote like a time bomb that will explode if shaken.

Word Bomb – Players say a word within a given category and pass the Wii-mote before it explodes.

Buddy Quiz – Try to predict your buddies responses to questions

The most interesting games in Wii Party are the House Party games. They require more interaction with the people around you than staring at the screen. The problem though is that you can’t play these games with a computer or online friends so if you don’t have any friends around you to play these games you’ve got a partially useless game disc.

I’d say that this game is really meant for young kids. I don’t think a teenager is going to care about hiding a Wii-mote in their couch for their friends to find.

If for whatever reason you need another mini-games collection in your Wii library then go ahead and pick this up.

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