Glee: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray Review

If you don’t know Glee, you should. It’s funny, it’s entertaining, it has some great performances, and it’s an all around excellent TV show. It’s also the only non-animated comedy on FOX that’s worth watching at the moment. They definitely have something amazing with Glee.

And what’s not to like? As I stated in my previous post when the first half of season one was released way back when: “I’m hooked! Glee is one of the most entertaining and amusing TV shows I have seen in a long time. It’s funny, entertaining, inspiring, and unique, and I got all of that from the pilot episode. Glee is supercharged with great characters, great performances, and musical moments that are sure to make you sing in the shower.”

It also includes one of my favorite actresses, Primetime Emmy Award winner Jane Lynch, whose caustic, acerbic, and sarcastic cheerleading coach is one of the main reasons I watch the show. Along with an equally talented cast, Glee continues to be a monster hit week after week. It’s no wonder the show won the Golden Globe for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy this year!

The Blu-ray “Gleek Edition” of season one is loaded with special features, which include: Blu-ray Exclusive: Behind the Pilot: A Visual Commentary with Cast and Crew; Glee Sing-Along Karaoke & Glee Music Jukebox; The Power of Madonna; Full-Length Audition Pieces; Staying in Step with Glee; Bite Their Style, Dress Like Your Favorite Gleek; Making of a Showstopper; and Meet Jane Lynch.

And, to quote myself once more: “Glee is solid entertainment that has the comic edginess FOX audiences want, but also delivers on a more dramatic level, which allows the stories to dig deeper into the desires and hopes of its central characters. And trust me, after the first episode you’ll want to watch more.”

I highly, highly recommend this superbly written and performed series. Check out Glee: The Complete First Season available NOW on DVD and Blu-ray!

Also, check out all-new episodes of Glee starting Tuesday, September 21 at 8/7c only on FOX!

For more info on the show, click here!

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