Resident Evil Afterlife Kills Box Office

The results are in and people definitely wanted to see zombies being blown up in 3D.

Afterlife had a $27.7 million box office domestically. Internationally it received $46.2 million. So yes it is the #1 movie around the world.

Afterlife has continued the trend of this series ability to surpass each previous incarnation’s opening weekend at the box office. Resident Evil Extinction had $23.7 million. Resident Evil Apocalypse had $23.0 million. Resident Evil had $17.7 million.

That’s a pretty impressive!

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One thought on “Resident Evil Afterlife Kills Box Office”

  1. I don’t know, perhaps if it’s jusr rumour! But I’ve heard that it will be relesed Resident Evil: Begins in 2012! The previous part I saw several times and all of them at home, as I downloaded it from it was just cool!As far as I know Milla Jovovich will be a secondary character in this movie:( It’s rather sad!

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