Spy Kids Reboot

What if I were to shove a fork in your eye? Would that make the world a better place?

Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Jessica Alba will be a mom with two pre-teen kids and a baby who become the new Spy Kids. She won’t be a single mom fighting the forces of evil. There will be a husband involved who helps fight the evil villain. The villain is evil because their the villain.

The movie may begin shooting next month in Austin with Robert Rodriguez attached. The budget is under $30 million. Yes this flick will be shot in 3D.

Oh man I’m a bored writing this post. Is it over yet?

Feel free to leave a comment about how you enjoyed the Megarace style of Spy Kids 3, or the shittake mushrooms from Spy Kids 1. I don’t remember what happened in Spy Kids 2. Ok yeah I admit that I watched these films. Stop laughing at me.

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