College: The Musical – Theatre Review

I laughed my ass off throughout College: The Musical. Don’t let the name fool you; this is not a standard Broadway show. There’s plenty of hilarious moments, crazy songs, and plenty of laughs in this fast-paced two-person show written by Kelly Meyersfield. Along with her husband stand-up comic Evan Wecksell, the two deliver knock-out performances that are both fun and educational.

The basic story involves a young, naïve girl going off to college and the relationship drama that comes with living in the dorms. The show quickly jumps from one song to the next, each one with lyrics that at times makes you wonder: “what did she just say?” That’s when you realize that she did just sing what you think she did and you laugh even more.

College: The Musical is a satire of life at a typical university. I think we can all agree that fraternity parties, booze, sex, and relationship drama will always be a part of college life no matter where someone goes to school. You’ll find a few moments that you can identify with either from your own life or from the lives of those around you.

And that’s what makes the show work: you empathize and care about the characters. Kelly and Evan have great chemistry together (which makes sense since they’re married in real life), and their ability to play off each other as actors is excellent. Both performers play multiple characters, which makes the show even more entertaining. The ability of Kelly and Evan to switch from one character to the next is an amazing sight to see.

Is College: The Musical appropriate for kids? Well, there’s a song called “Don’t Touch My Anus” so they would learn something important and valuable for their future. However, the show does include crude sexual humor, so use your best judgment. It is a show aimed at college-aged audiences after all.

Recently named Campus Activities Magazine’s Hot Comedy in 2011, College: The Musical has no signs of slowing down. It’s a great show that is totally worth seeing.

For a list of tour dates and colleges where the show will appear next, check out the official site by clicking here. You can also preview the songs, “friend” the show on Facebook, and learn more about Kelly and Evan.

I highly recommend College: The Musical. It’s definitely a hilarious and entertaining romp through the zaniness that is college life.

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