Irrational Games Set to Reveal Next Game Soon?

Save this date, or die trying.

Irrational Games, the legendary game studio known for creating System Shock 2, SWAT 4 and of course, BioShock, are holding an event on August 11th in New York City, according to this flyer that was given to Joystiq.

While there’s no word on what it’s about, Irrational Games has not announced what project they’re working on right now, so in all likelihood, this is going to be its big reveal. This being a studio that has delivered nothing but quality in the past, it’s easy to get ultra-hyped for this project, but I’ll just be happy with any project that isn’t high fantasy or post-apocalyptic. Or Singularity.

We don’t know anything about the project Irrational is working on, except it has a codename “Project Icarus”. And curiously, the Icarus myth happens to be a recurring motif in the promotional material for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Hmm…

If anything, a good guess would be a game involving flight of some sort. How many shooters do you have that let you fly in three dimensions? And how many of those have really good stories? Irrational has some hard work ahead of them, and they had better amaze, because BioShock has now set very high expectations for whatever this Project Icarus is.

So it’s a big day on August 11th!

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