Burn Notice Prequel movie in works, focuses on Bruce Campbell.

Burn Notice stands as one of the better shows on TV aired during the summer. An action drama that’s presented in such a way that it’s almost completely unique amidst a lot of the procedural crime dramas that have become so painfully popular. The show is currently on its Fourth season, and was picked up for another two after this even before this season started.

Well it would seem that USA has decided to bank on one of the show’s biggest players to expand on the popularity of the show. Today they announced that a prequel movie will be made that focuses on Bruce Campbell’s character in the show. The movie will focus on Sam Axe’s last assignment as a Navy SEAL before his retirement and is set to be aired between the finale of the fourth season and the premiere of the fifth season.

Now the show in and of itself is great. Each show has a great sense of believability, largely due to the way every little spy tactic is thoroughly explained by Michael Weston(Jeffrey Donovan) in great detail. What makes the show great is the perfect foils that Bruce Campbell and Gabriell Anwar create for Donovan’s character. A hour and a half, maybe two hour movie focusing on one of the actors that drew a lot of the series original audience(of which I fall under) will be a great treat for that between seasons break.

I will say though, as much as I love Bruce Campbell I would really like to see a movie focused on Fiona’s days in the IRA. Maybe between Five and Six if we’re lucky.

USA orders up ‘Burn Notice’ prequel [Variety]

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  1. Great I cannot wait to watch this. I have always wondered how Sam got where he is. Burn Notice is a great show, so I am sure that the movie will be just as good. This is one that you will need to have HD to get the full experience of the movie, if you don’t have it I would get it. I work at DISH and right now you can qualify for HD free for LIFE!

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