One Of These Is The Title for Batman: Arkham Asylum 2

Warner Brothers has registered domain names for the game that hint at what the game may be titled. But there’s more…

First, here’s the list, courtesy the domain diggers at Superannuation:

As you can see, the “Batman” prefix gets dropped later on the list, which hints that Warner Brothers might be interested in making a viral marketing thing for Arkham Asylum 2; after all, it worked very well for The Dark Knight.

Going by this, some curious hints come up. Apparently, Arkham Asylum was replaced by a whole city turned into a mental institution, called Arkham Asylum. Obviously, this means stuff got bigger and badder and Gotham is at risk. People for Gotham? War in Gotham City? It seems the chaos of Arkham City has spread into its parent Gotham City as well. And where’s Bruce Wayne gone? Are people noticing his absence? And finally, Mayor Sharp. Who is Mayor Sharp and what is he doing that needs stopping?

As for the title hints, most of them sound alright, but I’d really like ‘Arkham’ dropped from the title. Siege of Gotham, State of Villainy and Broken Ground sound great to me. Which one do you think should be the Arkham Asylum 2 title?

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