Collapse – DVD Review

It all comes back to the oil. That was the main point that jumped out at me from the very beginning of this intriguing, eye-opening, and thought-provoking documentary film, Collapse. Every aspect of our lives involves oil in one way, shape, or form. No matter what the product, no matter how carbon neutral you may try to be, everything you consume, wear, or use is brought to you thanks to oil.

But this is in no way a film that praises the oil companies. In light of the recent disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, a film with this message would seem oddly out of place. Collapse highlights and exposes how truly dependent the world as a whole has become on this natural resource and the harsh reality that it will eventually run low and problems will result.

Starring former LAPD officer and rogue reporter Michael Ruppert, Ruppert takes center stage in a one-on-one interview format where he literally tells it as he sees it and tells it like it is. His message: the collapse of our economic, political, and social worlds as we know them is already here.

Wow, that sounds really depressing. But I urge you to watch the film and hear what Ruppert has to say. He’s not a political ideologue with some hardcore agenda for one particular party. He considers himself beyond the fray; a man who has gone out of his way to reject the reports of the mainstream media and instead searches for the truth on his own terms. What he’s discovered over the past few decades is a tough pill for many to swallow, but his predictions have inevitably started to ring true.

Is he the modern day Nostradamus? Is he just a doomsday nut? I think that arguments could be made on both sides of the issue, but as you watch the film you get the sense that this guy knows what he’s talking about. I’m not saying he’s 100% correct in his views, but viewers should be smart enough to watch and formulate their own opinions based on the facts and figures presented. But he’s pretty damn accurate!

Ruppert’s straightforward and pragmatic approach to the topics of discussion will possibly upset a lot of people, and many may agree with this commentary on the economic collapse that the world currently is in. What I observed was a very passionate and articulate man who is more angry and upset because it looks as if he’s been right all along instead of being a man who is upset that his predictions aren’t coming true.

And given the subject matter it’s hard to blame him for being pissed at society’s apathy when it comes to matters that will affect them directly where they live, work, play, and spend. His analogy to the Titanic and his discussion of Social Darwinism are two very interesting points that got my attention.

What if all comes down to, Ruppert says, is community. To use a Jack Shephard quote from Lost, “If we can’t live together – we’re gonna die alone.” Reliance on the dollar, on government, on current food supplies will come to screeching halt eventually, and we must work together to live and survive in the harsh and volatile climate that is on its way.

Again, this is according to Michael Ruppert, the subject of the film. This is why I urge you to watch the film and come to your own conclusions. Are we on the verge of total and complete worldwide economic collapse? Or is what is currently taking place a mere hiccup on the road to future prosperity?

Bonus features include the film’s trailer, deleted scenes, and a Collapse Update with Ruppert where he talks about what has happened to him since the film’s release and also what predictions he made in the film have come true.

I highly recommend Collapse. It’s about timely issues that have and will continue to affect every member of the human race. The more educated we become about the crises we could face in the future, the more likely we are to survive them.

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