The Disappeared – DVD Review

Chilling and suspenseful, The Disappeared delivers plenty of spine-tingling thrills that will keep you watching to the very end. When his eight-year-old brother goes missing without a trace, Matthew (Harry Treadaway) goes on a search that leads him places he never thought he’d go.

Is he seeing his brother’s ghost? Is he imagining things? And what will he find when he discovers the truth about his brother’s disappearance?

The Disappeared is an excellent thriller with a solid story filled plenty of twists. Co-writer and director Johnny Kevorkian (no relation to Jack Kevorkian of assisted suicide fame) crafts an emotional journey that resonates long after the film has ended.

A solid and intense performance by Harry Treadaway holds you in its grip over the course of the film. His quest to uncover the truth about his brother becomes our quest, and we empathize with him as he pursues his goal. He’s a great young actor who I’m sure we’ll see more of in the coming years.

Also, look for Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy).

The DVD contains three solid special features, which include a Production Featurette, Post-Production Featurette, and a look at the Anatomy of Horror within the context of the film.

For fans of thrillers, I recommend The Disappeared. Definitely worth watching.

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