LittleBigPlanet2 announced, brings more sackboy goodness

The original LittleBigPlanet pretty much charmed every gamer. Cute little customizable sackboys working together in millions of levels through the use of a robust level creation system with an amazing soundtrack. The game became one of the best reasons to get the Playstation 3 even before it was released.

Some early information was leaked earlier last week about a sequel being in development, with it being confirmed shortly after by publisher Media Molecule with more information to be released Monday. Well it’s Monday and Media Molecule followed through with it’s promise.

A trailer of the game features much in the way of what we’re used to from LBP. Sackboys working together in a platforming setting and showing off the level creator. What is new is the game’s increased emphasis on creating what you want. The trailer shows off the ability to create AI controlled sackboys, being able to make racing games or side scrolling shooters.

LittleBigPlanet2’s design seems to be largely towards a more robust user created experience that allows for more user control, even allowing level creators to set-up their own control scheme for their created levels. Investors in the first game will even be able to use their DLC and play the same levels from the first game on LBP2.

While it doesn’t look like a radical departure from the first game that might blow some people out of the water, it looks to be an addition that improves on an already excellent recipe to get more people interested in utilizing the more robust creation system. Expect the game out later this year, with more info at the E3 in June.

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