Avatar Blu-ray Breaks Records [Update]

What has become known as the top grossing movie of all time, Avatar was released on May 22nd in time for Earth Day and has gone on to sell 2.7 million Blu-ray copies in just four days. Now, we all remember that crazy movie about a man trying to be a bat that was released some time ago and it was a box office beast. However The Dark Knight took 18 months to reach its 2.5 million mark, far longer than Avatar.

There is something to be said about the sales of Blu-ray players and PlayStation 3’s that are Blu-ray equipped, though, because they offer more incentive to purchase the higher definition videos.  The Dark Knight saw a 25% demand for the Blu-ray version where as a 40% demand was on Avatar’s shoulders. This stands as somewhat of a testament to the growth of Blu-ray players in households.

As of now there are plans for the re-release of the Blu-ray next year in 3D which will be able to take advantage of the PS3’s capability to play both Blu-ray and 3D movies. Will you be buying into Avatar’s performance or will you hold out a bit longer for the much more spectacular version to hit store shelves?

[UPDATE] In an interview found on youtube, James Cameron has said that a boxed set of Avatar with special commentaries and behind the scenes features will be made available for the holidays. As of right now the DVD and Blu-ray that are out are purely the movie with no trailers or special features. Also talked about in the interview was the possibility of a sequel for Avatar. Check it out below.

Source: playstation.joystiq.com

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