Nintendo quietly announces Nintendo 3DS, the 3D successor to the DS.

At first I liked all of the changes in 3D technology, now it’s just getting annoying. Nintendo is jumping on the 3D band wagon, with the remarkably quiet announcement of another DS. Tentatively titled the “Nintendo 3DS” it will reportedly use 3D technology without the need of 3D glasses.

The way this was announced was via a Japanese Press release, so a direct translation of the actual release would just confuse more, but Engadget’s article on the announcement says that the handheld is pitched as the successor to the DS and DSi.

The same article says that the 3DS will be backwards compatible. It seems uncertain if this means with just DS and DSi games or also with GBA games. I’d imagine the former seems more likely considering Nintendo’s choices with the DSi and DSi XL.

No pictures or precise release date is given, but it will be officially unveiled at this year’s E3 and will be launched “”during the fiscal year ending March 2011.”

I’m a bit skeptical about the 3D tech, as what I’ve seen that doesn’t use glasses seems more like hologram technology than 3D tech. Perhaps they’re using a different one, but Nintendo has been known to bank more on gimmicks that don’t always work great these days, so it might just be what I’ve seen.

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