FEAR 3 Revealed in Spanish Magazine

They should title it F3AR or something. Oh never mind, bad joke. Or is it?

Monolith apparently doesn’t think so. They’ve seriously titled it F3AR, as you’ll see in the poster above. It also looks about as cool as an 80s horror-action film, with everyone having pale eyes and either creepy or stylish poses. Well, that guy on the left who is presumably the protagonist looks definitely out of the 80s, reminding me of Mel Gibson or Kurt Russell.

What else do we see? There’s a little glass globe with a fetus in it, which is a clear reference to Alma. I haven’t played FEAR 2, so I don’t know what happened after the first FEAR, but indulge me – is the girl on the poster Alma? If she is, she’s definitely changed for the worse.

There also appears to be a city down there that is being destroyed by a nuke. If they turn this post-apocalyptic, I’m going to lose my mind here. But even that’s forgivable. The number one thing they need to do is get rid of that horrid title, F3AR. What were they thinking? They’d might as well go full 1337: |=34|)\

My 1337 is a bit rusty.

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