The Lost Recap – Episode 607: “Recon”

Here’s what you need to know from this week’s episode of Lost, “Recon.”

1. Meet LAPD Detectives Ford and Straume

In a world where Oceanic Flight 815 landed safely at LAX, where Jack has a kid, and where Ben Linus is a teacher, Sawyer (well, James Ford) and Miles are LAPD cops. A lot of changes have taken place in this parallel universe, but one thing remains the same: Kate is still a fugitive on the run.

We also get to see Charlie’s brother who has come to bail him out of jail, who looks nothing like the coked-up boozer from the Drive Shaft flashbacks. We also get a glimpse at Charlotte, whom Sawyer is set-up on a blind date with.

This was an interesting storyline, but not nearly as compelling as the Ben story from last week’s “Dr. Linus.” We got to see Sawyer still on the hunt for the con-man who caused his parents’ murder-suicide (that would presumably still be Locke’s father), but Sawyer’s days as a con-man are behind him. They never touched on whether or not Miles has his ability to hear the dead, but we did find out that he and his dad are still in contact.

2. There’s a Rumble in the Jungle

They used this line before in a promo where Juliet and Kate got into a catfight, so it seems fitting for the Kate/Claire showdown. As we know, Claire is pissed about Aaron being taken from her (at first she thought the folks at the temple had him, then she found out Kate took him off the island).

Pissed, Claire attacks Kate only to be pulled off and slapped by “Locke.” It was a brief but intense scene that showed just how crazy Claire had become over the three years she spent in the jungle. But is her anger justified?

“Locke” later tells Kate about his crazy mother and how Aaron’s mother (Claire) is now crazy as well. While there are definite parallels between the Claire/Aaron/Kate story and the Rousseau/Alex/Ben story, it will be interesting to see how this particular arc plays out. Will Claire ever see Aaron again?

3. Mr. Widmore’s back!

“Locke” sends Sawyer on a recon mission to the other island where he comes across the polar bear cages and Kate’s dress. As he checks to see if there’s anyone near the Ajira Air plane, a woman who looks like Tina Fey appears. She tries to play herself off as a survivor of the Ajira crash, but Sawyer sees through her lie. Of course, as always, she has a band of gun-toting people in the bushes.

Sawyer is taken to a sub where he meets with Charles Widmore. They strike a deal: Sawyer will tell “Locke” the coast is clear, “Locke” will arrive and Widmore’s people can capture him. In return, Widmore will take Sawyer off the island. Widmore agrees.

But Sawyer has his own motives and tells “Locke” about Widmore and his plan (including the sonic fences that keep the black smoke out). “Locke” commends Sawyer for his loyalty.

4. Past References

In the Sawyer storyline where he’s a cop, we see him watching Little House on the Prairie and the Richard Adams book Watership Down. Little House has been mentioned by sawyer before while talking to others on the island. Watership Down was one on the book Sawyer was seen reading on the beach after the crash.


No real earth-shattering stuff happened this week. The Widmore angle was intriguing, but since all parties involved with that plot are aware of what the other is planning, it will be interesting to see where it goes. Sawyer has his ideas and his own plan (he’s gonna take the sub and take he and Kate off the island), but with Lost you never know.

I’m very curious to see if all the threads being put out with these parallel non-island stories will eventually work to thrust all the characters together in some way. Ben, Arzt Locke are at the same school. Jack and Dogen have kids in the same music program. Kate and Claire were together when Claire gave birth to Aaron (just like on the island). And Sawyer and Miles are partners on the LAPD, who just stopped Kate who was on the run. Looks like things are starting to come together.

Next week’s episode is one most have been anticipating for a while: Richard Alpert’s story. I am very curious and intrigued by how this particular episode will play out, and what his story is. We got a brief insight from him when he and Jack were inside the Black Rock, but to actually see his backstory will be very interesting.

Thoughts? Theories? Comments?

See you next week for episode 608: “Ab Aeterno.”

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  1. “But is her anger justified?”

    If Claire doesn’t know that Kate had claimed Aaron as her son and kept him from his grandmother for nearly three years due to pure selfish reasons, then I would say that her anger toward Kate is more justified than she could possibly know.

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