Modern Warfare 2 Map pack 15 dollars, two of the five maps from MW1

To be honest, at this point after they’ve done so much wrong, I’m not a fan of Activision. They moved Guitar Hero to a publisher known for their extreme sports games, refused to publish both Brutal Legend and the Ghostbusters game, and fired the heads of Infinity Ward because they didn’t want to pay bonuses. So what are they doing now? Following Kotick’s thought of making gamers pay for as much as possible.

Modern Warfare 2’s first DLC pack, named the “Stimulus Package”, has a released date for the PC and Xbox 360, March 30th. Playstation 3 will eventually get it, but the biggest problem with it won’t change by then, the price. The DLC pack will cost 1200 MS points, or 15 dollars US. I wouldn’t say this is a big problem, if the entire pack was filled with new things

The pack features five maps, three are new and the remaining two are from the original Modern Warfare. So, despite the stunning premium, you pay for a map pack that’s a using maps recycled from an old game.

Now I understand that Modern Warfare fans will enjoy playing around in Crash and Overgrown, but this price is absurd. It’s not Microsoft’s fault, because the DLC’s going to the PS3 as well, and even Microsoft’s own premier FPS title, Halo 3, has their Map packs selling at 800 MS points. No, this is Activision’s choice.

On top of saving the 35 million they would have paid the IW execs, they’re getting an extra 5 dollars from the millions of Modern Warfare fans who WILL buy this overpriced pack. The name of the Map pack could be a reason for the price, but I highly doubt it with the publisher being the number one third party developer/publisher in the world.

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2 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 2 Map pack 15 dollars, two of the five maps from MW1”

  1. recycled maps? thats not a bad thing at all, crash was voted one of the top 20 fps maps of all time in game informer, and overgrown was my personal fave. having the ability to play these maps in thenew game is great, and then they threw in 3 brand new ones. 15 bucks isnt a small amount, but its pretty fair imo

  2. I bought into the hype that MW2 was going to be AWESOME. I bought it the first day it came out. Three weeks later, it’s collecting dust on my self and I’ve vowed to never buy another Activision or Infinity Ward game again.

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