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A case has one purpose, to prevent its enclosed device from breaking. While I don’t have an iPhone 3G or 3GS to throw onto the floor, I do believe this case will prevent most drops from being causing catastrophic damage to your phone.

The case bends slightly, but is mainly rigid. You take off the top piece of the case and then slide the phone into place. The top piece hasn’t come off in my tests so don’t worry about your iPhone flying out of this case. The top piece of the case elevates the iPhone above the ground when you lay it face down. There is no front cover to protect the glass side from cracking if the screen hits a rock or something.

This case does include a strap on the backside of the case. This enables you to dangle the iPhone on your wrist if you want. It also helps to prevent the iPhone from falling onto the ground if you accidentally drop it.

The inside of the case includes a plush slide so the backside of your iPhone does not rub against the case’s plastic material.

Overall the case won’t add much bulk or weight to your iPhone. I’d recommend checking this case out as having a strap will help prevent you from dropping the iPhone in the first place.

The case is available in several colors: Obsidian, Fireside, Phantom Mist, and Sudden Blush. Available at www.4voi.com

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