Valve Bringing Steam to Mac OS X?

How many Steam-supported games are there for the Mac any way?

For all the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads you can spew, there remains the undeniable fact that for all the cool the Mac boasts, it does not have games. Oh sure, there are some games out there, but you don’t really think gaming when you think Mac. Maybe Valve does, though.

According to some research over at the Steam forums, users have found that Valve may bring Steam to the Mac OS X. Valve already released a beta version of the new UI for Steam – the first UI overhaul in the application’s 6 year-odd history. Two screenshots in particular show damning evidence of Valve including Mac interface elements in the new Steam’s files.

Perhaps Valve envisions an age of powerful Mac gaming? Perhaps Apple is considering a massive assault on the gaming industry on both the computer and console environments? Called iPlay or something along those lines. Oh well, we’ll probably wait till Valve says something about all of this. For all we know, some guy working on Steam stuck the hints in just for kicks.

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