The Lost Recap – Episode 605: “The Lighthouse”

Here are the top things you need to know from this week’s episode of Lost, “Lighthouse.”

Papa Jack?

Meet David Shepherd, Jack’s son!? Yes, it appears that in the parallel universe of the Oceanic flight arriving safely at LAX, Jack has a kid. Is their relationship good? No. In fact, it’s similar to Jack’s relationship with his own father, Christian, according to Jack’s mother. “You were afraid of him,” Jack’s mom tells Jack, referring to his father. It appears Jack didn’t realize his own son could feel the same way about him.

The Return of Dead Jacob

Apparently, he was telling the truth to “Locke” and Ben before he was thrown in the five during the season five finale. “Someone is coming to the island,” he says, and he wants Hurley and Jack to help them find it. Who is this who? Widmore? Eloise Hawking?

Jacob has pull with Hurley, and enables him to have control over situations, which is something Hurley really has never had on the show. When confronted in the halls of the temple by Dogen (the samurai dude), Jacob tells Hurley to say: “I’m a candidate, I can do what I want,” which gets him out of a potentially sticky situation.

The other issue is getting Jack to go along for the trip Jacob wants Hurley to go on. After telling Jack the “magic phrase” – You have what it takes – Jack decides he wants to meet Jacob, and goes with Hurley to do so. And away we go.

Where there’s a will…

There’s a sister. It was no surprise to me why Jack’s dad, Christian, hid his will. Since Jack and Jack’s mom didn’t know about Claire Littleton before, why would they know about her now in this universe? Will they meet in a later episode?

Give me back my son!

Claire’s gone native! Poor Claire survived in the island jungle for three years. Meanwhile, Aaron’s off the island thanks to Kate. But someone forgot to tell Claire. The reason: she sort of disappeared and left Aaron in Sawyer’s hands on night in the jungle. Now, she’s pissed, has captives, and is ready to do whatever it takes to get her son back.

Oh, and it looks like Claire has learned her own powers of persuasion. Rousseau had electric-shock, the Others had their own unique forms of torture (cages, killing, some crazy psychedelic video room), and Claire has an ax. And she likes to use it.

Claire’s special friend

Claire mentions while talking to Jin that she hasn’t been alone for the past three years. She’s had her father (Christian) and her friend. Jin asks her who her friend is and she just smiles back. Is her friend Jacob? “Locke”? That creepy Aaron substitute in the bassinette? Well, it turns out that “Locke” is Claire’s special friend.

Well, it is the title

After a quick detour to the caves from season one, Jack and Hurley arrive at their destination mapped-out by Jacob on Hurley’s arm: an ancient lighthouse. At the top of the lighthouse Hurley moves the mirrors to 108-degrees to catch the light that will signal the ship bringing the people Jacob says are coming.

But that’s not the only thing: Jack sees his childhood home in the reflection, and then discovers the names of the Oceanic passengers etched next to the degrees on the mirror’s base.

Their names correspond to points on the mirror’s base, which also happen to be the numbers associated with their names that were seen in cave last week. Jack is pissed upon discovering that he’s been spied on all this time, and demands to see Jacob ASAP. When he finds out he can’t, he grabs a metal pipe and destroys the mirror.

Unlikely fathers

Dogen shows up at a music competition where Jack’s son is performing. His son is performing as well. This surprise appearance by a person from the island is similar to the appearance of Ben Linus at the school Locke substitute teaches at in last week’s episode, “The Substitute.”

These moments do make some sense; after all, since the island is at the bottom of the ocean, it doesn’t mean these people died or never existed. They just found new roles in society. Is it coincidence that they meet people they would have met on the island?

Final moments

Jacob appears to Hurley and tells him that Jack has to figure out what he has to do on the island on his own. He can’t just be told. So, does this mean Jack is the new Locke? He’s the real one responsible for the safety and protection of the island?

We also find out that Jin doesn’t really know what happened to Aaron. That he said what he said to Claire about Kate taking him off the island to save the temple guy’s life. He backtracks and says that Aaron is being held at the temple and they can go and get him.

Claire is relieved and says that if what he had said about Kate was true, she would have to kill Kate. Oh, and the fact that “Locke” is her friend and more than likely knows the truth of the matter may not lead to things ending well for Jin.


Holy crap, there was a lot of stuff going on in this episode. And while some minor things have been answered, bigger questions are still waiting. What I’m interested in finding out now is who Jack married in the parallel universe. Is it Libby? Ana Lucia? Nikki? Or someone not related to the island?

It’s nice to see the numbers back in play and their true meanings in terms of degrees on the mirror’s base in the lighthouse. Jacob’s ability to use his “magic mirror” to see the Oceanic passengers in their pasts gives him an advantage, but we still need to know why these particular people were chosen, especially Jack, as candidates to save the island.

Since we were given very little to go by from the promo for next week’s ep, “Sundown,” I’m curious to see if this will be the game-changer in the season. We know there’s always that one episode in each that everyone can’t stop talking about. Will it be “Sundown,” or is the ABC promotions department doing what they always do with their Lost hyping?

What are your thoughts, comments, predictions? There was a lot going on, so please let me know if I missed any key elements that people need to know. We’ll see you next week!

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