Doc Savage to Return to the Screen

A classic pulp hero will be back in a theater near you.

Variety reports that Columbia Pictures will bring the 1930s adventurer, Doc Savage, back to the silver screen.  Doc Savage last appeared in the 1975 film, Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze. Rumors of the character’s cinematic return have graced the Internet for years.  Now, with the impending release of The Green Hornet film (featuring a hero from the same era), it seems that Columbia wanted to get the ball rolling on another franchise.

For the uninitiated, Savage was the star of many pulp magazines in the 1930s and 1940s.  A true renaissance man, not only did Savage possess superior physical abilities, but was also an equally skilled surgeon, scientist, inventor, and master of disguise.  Not even Super Mario can claim to possess so many abilities – at least not until the mustachioed plumber stars in the next Metal Gear Solid sequel.

Shane Black, best known for his action movie scripts including Lethal Weapon and The Long Kiss Goodnight, will write and direct the revival.  The film will be Black’s sophomoric directorial effort after the entertaining Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005).  Black, with his penchant for creating entertaining, memorable dialogue, would seem to be a good fit for the over the top nature of the character.

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