The next Borderlands DLC comes out tomorrow!

The latest Borderlands DLC, which increases the level cap and adds a bunch of new stuff, finally has a release date. The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, which picks up where Borderlands ends, is confirmed to be coming out this week. Xbox 360 users get the DLC tomorrow with PC(although the PC date was released a while back) and PS3 owners getting it Thursday. The price should be 10 dollars US(800 MS points), but with the pack being bigger than either of the last two packs it could be a little more.

The pack itself features quite a few interesting new things. The most important is the level cap being raised to 61, but unfortunately no new skills. However there ARE new weapons, shields, class mods, vehicles, enemies, and a new rarity type(which might have accidentally been added in the normal game).

The story seems to be focused around the Crimson Lance, a mercantile group from the original who one of the playable characters used to be a part of. The story isn’t a big focus, but with it being on the Crimson Lance you can expect some really big fights, like Devastator you see above.

I’m quite excited to see this new DLC, I just hope there really are new weapons this time around instead of it being false advertising like it was with the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. Either way, WE’RE COMING BACK PANDORA.

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