The Lost Recap – Episode 603: “What Kate Does”

Here are the five main events/moments from this week’s Lost:

1. And it hadn’t even been three days.

Sayid has been brought back to life. But then the Other Others (Jacob’s people) torture/test him, then try to cure/kill him. They believe he is possessed by something; but what? The smoke monster? Jacob? Apparently, it’s the same thing that’s “possessing” Claire.

2. Damn it, Kate, run!

If Oceanic Flight 816 had made it to LAX, Kate would have carjacked the same taxi Claire was in (also seen in last week’s ep). But she and Kate form some sort of bond and help one another out in the end. A similar bond was touched upon last week when Jack gave Locke his business card regarding repair to Locke’s spinal cord.

3. Paging Dr. Ethan Goodspeed!

So, if Claire had had Aaron in Los Angeles, Ethan would have been there to try and deliver the baby. His little comments like, “I don’t want to stick you with needles,” have an ironic tone considering what he did to her on the island. I’m assuming that Ethan still is part of the Dharma Initiative; however, he was on the island when the plane crashed so how could he be on the island and at the hospital with Claire in the same time frame?

4. Love means never having to nuke an island.

Sawyer was gonna ask Juliet to marry him. A touching moment between Sawyer and Kate shows a sensitive side to our nickname-spewing pal. He reveals that he hates to be alone. That it’s his fault Juliet died. Is there any chance that Juliet will come back to life? On this island, anything is possible.

5. Jin, I believe you know Claire. Claire, Jin.

A brief reunion at the end of the episode brings Jin and Claire back together. She’s got that native, Rousseau thing going on now; but is she as crazy as Rousseau had become after all her time in the jungle?

Oh, and FYI, the title of this ep is in direct relation to a season two episode titled, “What Kate Did,” where we see her take down her abusive step-father.

And here’s an interesting continuity question: When Claire saw the psychic during season one’s episode “Raised by Another,” his reaction to what he saw was pure terror. We can infer that he saw the plane crash in his vision, but didn’t tell Claire. He didn’t want her to give the baby up for adoption, so he told her to fly to L.A. in Oceanic Flight 815, knowing full-well what would happen.

So, if Claire was put on 815 to deliberately prevent the adoption from taking place, did she not go to the psychic in the first place? And if she did, what happened that still got her on the plane? Should she even be in L.A. at all at this point? But this is some sort of parallel universe where Hurley believes he’s the luckiest man alive and has no notions that he’s cursed.

This is one of those classic Lost episodes where not a lot happens that’s jaw-dropping, which means they’re building up to something big in the coming weeks. We’ll see what happens.

See you next week, with the recap of episode 604: “The Substitute.”

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