Cogitate, an iPod Touch/iPhone game review

The iPod Touch is quickly becoming my everyday handheld of choice. Cheap titles developed by both the mainstream and independent developers. Cogitate is one of those indie developed titles for the iPod Touch and iPhone for $1.99

The game is simple, yet quite difficult. A simple square made up of other squares of varying colors. The computer jumbles up the squares and you have put them back to the way they were however you see fit before the time runs out. It’s kind of like a 2D rubix cube.

To me there are two ways to accomplish this, by memory or by recognizing different patterns you can use to bring the shape back to the way it was. Now certainly how easy or difficult this is for you depends on your puzzle solving ability.

Personally, not being a person big on rubix cubes, this is somewhat of a difficult task. I try it by using my memory alone, and that quickly goes out the door. More often than not, I end up bundling it, and spending more time and moves than I should solving the puzzle, then I realized I was just playing it on normal.

This game is simple, but challenging. It’s entertaining to a fault due to this challenge. How much you like that is definitely up to you, and thankfully you can measure if you find it entertaining or not by downloading the demo, Cogitate Lite on iTunes. Also, for you who love achievements, the game supports openfeint.

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