Super Bowl XLIV: The Commercials – Half-Time/Third Quarter

The Who (they sing the CSI themes, btw) performed for this year’s half-time show and no nipples or other horrific events took place. We also have yet to hear any news of accidental porn footage being spliced into the satellite feed like what happened last year (click here for that story).

Here’s more of the commercial rundown for the third quarter, which begins with the following scores: Colts, 10; Saints, 6.


Newsclips, The Who, and was that SpongeBob?

NCIS: Los Angeles

Really? It’s TV’s #1 new show. I was not aware of that. I guess this is Chris O’Donnell’s penance for Batman & Robin. Clooney made it out unscathed.


A lot of people have one. Bellybuttons? No. Hondas.

The Pacific

The new HBO miniseries from Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. Looks amazing and intense. Coming this March.


If only the person who had stolen Charlie Sheen’s car had smashed it into a car museum, no one would have cared. That what this ad seems to infer. And yes, this is an old ad.


Danica Patrick. Racing. Death.

Amazing Race

Running. Thinking. Whining. Ah, reality shows.

NFL Network

Makes sense that it has an ad on during the Super Bowl.

Undercover Boss


The Good Wife

Julianna Margulies= hot. She won a Golden Globe for this, too!

March Madness

Hello basketball!

Miami Medical

Was that Cuba Gooding, Jr.?

CBS News

Does anyone watch network news anymore?

Watch full eps of your fave shows here.

The Back-Up Plan

Yikes. The next Gigli for J-Lo? Perhaps.

Accura ZDX

Another classy car commercial.

Living Spaces

I thought they only advertised during Springer, Steve Wilkos, and Maury.

Carl’s Jr.

Kim Kardashian eating a salad in the tub? Wish I was that salad. Or those suds.

Hey! It’s that prairie dog (see clip below)…and a cockatoo!

Disney’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Will it be the next Gladiator, or the next Scorpion King? You make the call!


Megan Fox in a tub. Can we get Kim Kardashian AND Megan Fox in the same tub for the next commercial?


Slug bug! Even Stevie Wonder knows how to play.


Chickens have been warned.

How I Met Your Mother

Barney’s at it again! Did anyone call the number?

Michelob Ultra

Lance Armstrong drinks it, therefore I must drink it.

It’s Clark and Ellen Griswold for the Vacation movies! Awesome.

Bridgestone Tires

All-weather tires for those Fast and the Furious moments in your life.


Pay $.99 and get answers to your burning questions via text message.


I honestly thought this guy was going to go pee. Good use of jungle animals.


More talking babies!

How I Met Your Mother

That wacky Barney. Always scheming.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

No Richard Hatch? I’m shocked.

2010 Census

Clever mockumentary-style ad.

What’s this website do? Still can’t figure that one out.

Kia Sorento

What toys do in their spare time. And you though the gang in Toy Story had wild adventures!

Round-Up Extended Control

It kills weeds for a longer time than you ever thought possible.

Select 55 from Budweiser

Simple and to the point.

Two and a Half Men/ Big Bang Theory Promo

Another reminder of CBS’s domination in the multi-camera sitcom world.

Bring on the fourth!

Check out for all the commercials On-Demand after the game!!

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