Super Bowl XLIV: The Commercials – Fourth Quarter

Here we are, the final quarter of Super Bowl XLIV. There’s been a lot of new commercials and movie trailers, so let’s get right back to the advertising action.

At the start of the fourth: Colts, 17; Saints, 16.

Great use of slow-motion. A dynamic and engaging commercial.

The Masters

Tiger? Tiger Woods?

Lexus RX

Another classy car commercial.

Metro PCS

Fun with stereotypes.

Jack in the Box

Jack bungee jumps. But he doesn’t almost die like that last time he did something crazy.


All the stuff you love and need via the Internet on your Vizio TV. Like Beyonce and zombies.

Emerald Nuts/Pop-Secret

Zany as always.

75th NFL Draft

Undercover Boss

How many eps until cancellation? Place your bets.

Dante’s Inferno

Hot role-playing gamer action…in Hell!


Always gotta have the heartwarming Clydesdale ad.

Honda Accord Cross-Tour

Simple and to the point.


Screaming Chickens!!!

CSI: Miami

In space!!

NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles

Everyone’s watching…mainly for that hot chick with the ponytail. That’s why I watch NCIS.

Criminal Minds

Hey, it’s the guy from Dharma and Greg! Whatever happened to Jenna Elfman? She’s on the CBS show, Accidentally, On Purpose. Duh!

Audi A3 TDI

The Green Police will have your ass if you don’t recycle or conserve. You’ve been warned!

Taco Bell

Charles Barkley raps about the $5 Box at Taco Bell. And apparently, it rocks!


Tim loves Doritos…a bit too much. Lol.

Bud Light

Book club + Bud Light + classic dopey/horny husband = good times!

Hyundai Sonata

More class.


More yakking babies.

Amazing Race
Why don’t they start a season in Iran or North Korea? Now THAT would be an Amazing Race!

Skechers – Shape-Ups

Joe Montana wears them? I’m so there!

Danica Patrick and more hot chicks. Yes!


Damn screaming chickens.

CBS Comedy in 5-D!

A run-down of CBS’s Monday Night Comedy Line-up

The Mentalist

Now on Thursdays. That is all.

And the winner of this year’s Super Bowl is…the New Orleans Saints, with the final score: Colts, 17; Saints, 31. Be sure to leave comments about what commercials you felt were the best and worst this year!

Check out for all the commercials On-Demand after the game!!

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