The Fresh Beat Band: New Season One Episodes – Preview

Nickelodeon’s energetic, fun, and colorful music show for preschoolers, The Fresh Beat Band, returns with all new episodes this week. The series is a lively and educational look at music appreciation through the use of song, dance, and musical instruments.

The Fresh Beat Band includes four group members, each with their own unique and bubbly personality. Kiki plays the guitar; Shout plays the keyboard; Marina plays the drums; and Twist uses DJ turntables. There’s a definite comedic and creative chemistry between the actors who play the musical foursome, and their work as an ensemble thrives because of it.

This new set of season one episodes includes two fun and music-filled shows. The fun begins January 11 at Noon (ET/PT) only on Nickelodeon. Check local listings.

Here’s a quick look at two of the new eps.

“March Our Way”

The Fresh Beat Band is chosen to lead their music schools parade. But who among the four is the best person to be the Band Leader? Kids will learn the importance of taking turns and that sometimes others are the best person for a job.

“Rock to Sleep”

In this Shout-centric episode, our keyboard playing friend discovers a bugle inside his box of Bugle Toots cereal and becomes so obsessed with playing it that he can’t sleep. Now, it’s up to the other three Fresh Beats to figure out a way to make him stop playing his bugle and to make him get some rest.

I like this show. It’s fun, fast-paced, positive, and upbeat. If this were the 1970s, I’m sure The Fresh Beat Band would be a groovy Hanna Barbera cartoon where they sing and solve a mystery each week. Their songs are catchy, the stories filled with solid lessons for kids and adults, and there are some great slapstick moments.

I highly recommend The Fresh Beat Band for kids of all ages. It’s a show that parents and kids can watch together, and one a show that everyone can learn from.

For fans of the show, Nickelodeon has announced that season two of The Fresh Beat Band is on its way!

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Look for music (coming soon) and full episode downloads of The Fresh Beat Band on iTunes!

Let us know what you think about the series. Whether you love it or hate it, leave a comment and let us know.

6 thoughts on “The Fresh Beat Band: New Season One Episodes – Preview”

  1. I hate this show. I think the main characters dont even know how to dance with the exception of Shout… I think management should reconsider forming a new cast yet keeoing Shout.. I am not Afro American or anti caucasian, but I think that you should consider the background dancers first who are more animated than that STUPID guy TWIST… cant stand him… Elizabeth

  2. I really, really hate this show but my 3-year-old absolutely loves it, so I let her watch. It’s torturous to listen to the “harmonies”, especially when Kiki tries to sing over everyone else and sounds like she’s just screaming. Bluh… And Twist acts like a freakin’ retard all the time, with his stupid faces and “Wouldn’t it be cool if” ideas (which they seem to have totally ripped off from “Higglytown Heroes”). BLUH! I really hope this show gets cancelled soon.

  3. Who cares if the ADULTS hate it, its made for children, and they love it. The stories all teach great morals, and I’m happy allowing my children to watch it. Not only does it teach them how to treat other people. but it gets them interested in music. I’m seriously surprised to see an adult actually going into detail about how they hate the people in the show. That’s really disappointing, maybe the adults should watch the show and learn some lessons themselves! Pathetic! This show’s awesome!

  4. my two yr. old  loves this show and its a learning thing for them.I think adults should be happy that there is a good show out there that is trying to teach kids not be lazy.They sing,dance try playin different instrements.There should be negitivity for this.if you hate then don’t turn it on.other kids do like it and why have something canceled because you dont like it.Unsubscrib to that channel.You do have that option now.And its hard to keep kids interrested in something.I found my kids.I hope they do go big and do tours.My little girl would love it.So i support thefreshbeat band for my daughter and kids who love it.

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