Chuck: Season Two – DVD Review

It’s time to get your Nerd Herd fix with season two of Chuck on DVD. I really don’t have a lot to say about this series other than it’s awesome, loads of fun, and highly entertaining.

To recap: in season on Buy More/Nerd Herd employee Chuck Bartowski’s (Zachary Levi) mind is accidentally “uploaded” with secret government information via a program known as The Intersect, he becomes one of the CIA’s most powerful tools/weapons.

Two CIA agents, Sarah Walker and Major John Casey (Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin) are assigned to protect Chuck, CIA’s most valuable asset. With the info in Chuck’s mind, the CIA is able to identify and stop evildoings by a host of villains that work for the mysterious organization known as Fulcrum.

As Chuck finds himself becoming more and more involved with the CIA, he also finds himself falling for Agent Walker. Will they ever find love in such a dangerous world as the spy game?

Oh, and there’s plenty of slapstick, silliness, and sexy women all over the place that make it even more fun to watch. Did I mention sexy women?

Onward to season two. Chuck and company find themselves up against a new set of bad guys and gals, and the possibility of Chuck no longer being an asset to the CIA. Will Chuck finally get his freedom back? Will he and Sarah finally get together?

Along with big laughs and kick-ass action, this season of Chuck sports some great guest stars like Chevy Chase, Morgan Fairchild, Scott Bakula, Jenny McCarthy, Arnold Vosloo, and Nicole Ritchie.

This show is a lot of fun to watch and is a definite must see for anyone who enjoys a good action-adventure-espionage-comedy show.

The six DVD set includes a number of special features on the sixth disc, but each DVD contains deleted scenes and other bonus items.

You also get two pairs of 3D glasses for the special episode “Chuck Versus the Third Dimension” which aired after Super Bowl XLIII last year. The 3D version of the ep is on the last page of the special features menu on the sixth DVD (just in case your wondering why your glasses weren’t working while you were watching the regular version on DVD 3).

Here’s a look at the special features:

Chuck: A Real-Life Captain Awesome Tip for Being Awesome – First Dates

Truth, Spies, and Regular Guys: Exploring the Mythology of Chuck

John Casey Presents: So You Want to be a Deadly Spy?

Chuck: A Real-Life Captain Awesome Tip for Being Awesome – High School Reunions

Dude in Distress

Chuck: A Real-Life Captain Awesome Tip for Being Awesome – Running Into an Ex

Chuck Versus the Chuckles

Chuck: A Real-Life Captain Awesome Tip for Being Awesome – Job Interviews

Declassified Scenes

Chuck Versus the Third Dimension (3D Version)

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to grab this DVD set and get watching. The season three premiere is on NBC January 10 at 9/8c! Look for it on it’s regular night starting Monday, January 11 at 8/7c.

I only have three words left to say: Watch This Show!

Chuck: Season Two now available on DVD!

Love it? Hate it? Let us know!

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