Nintendo Power confirms Mega Man 10

Megaman 10
I always preferred the named “Rock Man”, but you can’t always get what you want. Either name, the blue bomber is back in another 8-bit game for the Wii. Blues, or Proto Man in the US, is back as well but not in DLC. A third playable character is available, but who that is is not known(Bass or Roll seem like the most obvious choices to me).

Beyond more insanely hard levels and bizarre Robot Masters, such as Sheep Man, the game will also feature a new mode called “Easy Mode”. You should need no more than one guess to figure out what that mode does.

No other information beyond that, such as a release date, story, and other bosses, are known, but if you know the series you pretty much already know what to expect gameplay wise. No Xbox 360 or PS3 version is mentioned, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they’ll be released around the same time.

Nintendo Power’s January issue, first two pages of the Megaman 10 article

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