Farscape: The Complete Series – DVD Box Set Review


What’s the best way to describe the 1999 sci-fi series Farscape? It’s action-packed, fun, sexy, campy, and creates an interesting and intriguing dynamic between humans and aliens. It also has some great visual and special effects that are quite impressive.

If you’re already a Farscape fan, this is definitely the box set for you. It’s loaded with special features, commentary, and all four seasons of the series (hence why it’s “The Complete Series”). In fact, this really should be called “The Definitive Collection” since it contains pretty much everything you’ll ever need to know about the series.

If you’ve never seen the show before, I would check out a few discs via Netflix or Blockbuster to see if it’s to your liking. Much like comedies, sci-fi has many variances that appeal to many different audiences.

The series was produced through A&E in association with the Jim Henson Company, the folks who brought us the Muppets, and recently did the creature effects for the film Where the Wild Things Are.

Onward to the special features, which will keep you busy during inclimate weather or when you want to avoid relatives during the holidays. Over six hours of special features can be found on the two-disc set that accompanies this box set of the series, and there’s lots to explore and enjoy. Here’s a look at what you’ll get:

Farscape Undressed

A tongue-in-cheek look at the series hosted by the two “human” stars of the show. This is a good primer for anyone who wants to get a heads-up about the who, what, why, where, and when, of Farscape.

“Listening In” with Composer Guy Gross

Watch as Guy Gross talks about scoring the following episodes: “The Way We Weren’t,” “My Three Crichtons,” “The Locket,” “Die Me, Dichotomy,” and eight others. He also discusses some of the challenges and creative aspects involved.

Behind-the-Scenes Interviews

In-depth interviews with cast members of the series. Lots of great fun facts and trivia for the Farscape fan. Includes interviews with: Anthony Simcoe, Wayne Pygram, Jonathan Hardy, Rebecca Riggs, Lani John Tupu, David Franklin, and Paul Goddard.

Video Profiles

Interviews with series Creator/Executive Producer/Writer Rockne S. O’ Bannon, and Executive Producer/Writer David Kemper.

“Zhaan Forever” with Virginia Fey

Find out the series became known as “the show with the blue lady” from the actress who portrayed the blue lady, Virginia Fey. You’ll also get her take on the character of Zhaan and the series.

But wait, there’s more! Each season also contains its own set of special features. Here’s a look at the features found in each season.

Season One

In the Beginning: A Look Back with Brian Henson

Making of a Space Opera

14 Audio Commentaries

Farscape in the Raw: Director’s Cut Scenes


Season Two

Re: Union: The Original Season Two Premiere

Blooper Reel

5 Audio Commentaries

Farscape in the Raw: Director’s Cut Scenes

Deleted Scenes


Season Three

From the Archives: Composer Guy Gross Discusses the Season Three Theme

Season Three: A Look Back with Executive Producer David Kemper

Behind-the-Scenes Interviews with Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Anthony Simcoe, Gigi Edgley, and Wayne Pygram

9 Audio Commentaries

Deleted Scenes

Original TV Promos for all Episodes


Season Four

Farscape: The Story So Far Clip Reel

On the Last Day: Farscape Wrap Speech by David Kemper

Inside Farscape: Villains

Inside Farscape: Visual Effects

Inside Farscape: Save Farscape

3 Audio Commentaries

Deleted Scenes

Farscape offers up plenty of excitement, thrills, and laughs and is great fun. If you enjoy Star Trek: The Next Generation, Firefly, or other sci-fi series in that vein, I recommend you check out Farscape. A definite must-see!

2 thoughts on “Farscape: The Complete Series – DVD Box Set Review”

  1. This is one of my favorite television series of all time. Completely renewed in me the idea that there can be fresh ideas in a genre that seems to have been done to perfection.
    In kind, this review is top-notch.
    As a regular viewer of the site, I find the article very well written. And as a huge Farscape fan, I feel the reviewer paints the series in a very accurate light.
    This review was incredibly helpful, and has made me desire this box set even more.

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