BioWare Making Mysterious Dragon Age Announcement Tomorrow


Whatever could it be? Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

BioWare has revealed in their Twitter feed that they’re ready to make a mysterious announcement on the official Dragon Age website tomorrow. What does it say? Let’s assume that you’re too lazy to click the link.

If I was a fan of Dragon Age: Origins, I’d be keeping my eyes on the Dragon Age website tomorrow. Just saying. – Evil Chris

The first thing that pops to mind is DLC. BioWare has already made it very clear that Dragon Age will be supported by a whopping 2 years of downloadable content. And BioWare already had a head start, too – two pieces of DLC were present during game launch itself, much to the chagrin of RPG-loving-DLC-haters.

But could it be something more? A sequel? This would seem unlikely – to be compatible with their DLC claim, a sequel would have to be released in 2 years time or more. In any case, a sequel announcement is too big to be merely pasted one day onto the official site. Especially for a burgeoning developer like BioWare.

We’ll check back tomorrow to see what’s up with Dragon Age, then.

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